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Horse Shows

For information regarding our regional show circuit, please visit the AERSO website.


What shows would you suggest I attend? What classes will I be doing.

We are planning on following 3 separate circuits for the 2017 season:
-    Regional Hunter (AERSO)
-    Regional Dressage (AERSO)*
-    Selected ‘A’ rated Hunter Jumper shows
*We will only be attending the Dressage shows provided there is sufficient interest, minimum 3 participants.

Do I have to attend all shows? What if I am on vacation during a show?

No, you do not have to commit to all the shows. For most, we suggest doing one level of showing for the season (Regional Hunter, Regional Dressage or A circuit)
For organizational purposes, we would like to know what your intentions are for the season in advance, but you are in no way locked into a commitment to attend until it is time to submit entries (Monday prior to event.)
If you are showing in an AERSO Hunter/Jumper division that is eligible for finals in Bromont, please note that AERSO takes the top 5 shows of each participant into consideration for points. Therefore, because there are 7 you can miss up to 2 shows without it affecting your scores.   This does not apply for Dressage shows.  

Do shows have rain dates?
The shows are generally run rain or shine. On occasion, should the weather be bad enough, they may postpone to the following week.  This is entirely up to the discretion of the show organizer and the decision is usually taken the morning of the show.  For safety reasons, they will pause shows mid-day should lightning appear and resume once the system has passed.

When do I sign up? What are the cancellation policies?
There will be a clipboard posted in the tack room with separate sign-up sheets to each event. Deadline to sign up will be the Monday prior to each show, at which point, the sign-up sheet will be taken down and WE will complete the entries for each participant.
The horse show does not require advanced cancellation notice. However, for logistical reasons, Greystone requires a minimum of 24 hours notice should you wish to cancel. Otherwise, you will forfeit 50% of the rental and coaching fees, emergencies notwithstanding. Should you need to cancel, please contact Alanna BY PHONE at 514-569-9762.

What time do the shows start and end?
The shows generally start at 8:00, and run until 7:00 to 8:00 in the evening. Your time-frame will be dependent on which classes you are entered in. Anyone showing in the early classes are expected to arrive at the same time as the horses, around 7:30 am.  

What are my responsibilities to prepare my horse for the show? Does my horse need to be braided?
Your responsibilities:
-    Wash your horse the day before the horse show
-    Wash your tack
-    Braid your horse or ask Alanna to hire a braider for you
-    Remove braids at the end of the day
-    Wrap horses legs (if required)
Greystone’s responsibilities: (only pertaining to Greystone horses)
-    Mane is pulled to a proper braiding length
-    Legs, bridle path and whiskers clipped
-    Feet trimmed and properly shod if required
-    Hiring a braider
If you would like to help with any of these responsibilities, please speak with us about what you can do, as help is always appreciated.
Braids are mandatory for any horses competing in JEQ (Jeux Equestres du Quebec) qualifying divisions. This is not a show rule, but a Greystone one, as well as a respectful courtesy towards the judge.  All horses competing in other divisions are welcome to be braided as well, but not required. If you would like to braid your own horse, start practicing now! Poor braiding will not be tolerated and horses that are deemed not presentable will not be allowed to show.  There will be a professional braider available the night before each show.

What commitment is expected of me in regards to riding and lessons?

We strongly suggest you take a minimum of 2 lessons per week during show season, the more you ride, the more prepared you will be!

What horse will I be bringing to the horse shows? What class will I be doing?
Please take a few moments to speak with Alanna directly to discuss class, horse and circuit options. Together we will be able to make an informed decision on which division is best suited for you, and this will also ensure that the same horse/pony is reserved for you for each and every show.

What clothing and equipment is required of me? What will Greystone provide?
As per Equine Canada (EC), the following proper show attire is mandatory for riders competing in EC sanctioned classes.  Therefore this applies to AERSO H/J and Dressage shows but not to Fairs or Schooling Shows.
-    EC approved riding helmet
-    Beige or khaki breeches
-    Tall leather riding boots (short boots and jodhpur straps are allowed for children under 12)
-    Show blouse (shirt for men)
-    Show jacket
Pursuant to EC required equipment, Greystone requires that each competitor bring the following:
-    Black Gloves
-    Hair net
-    White fleece shaped saddle pad (you will be responsible to keep this pad in pristine condition and ensure that it is cleaned prior to each show).
Greystone will provide the following:
-    Proper tack including saddle, bridle, and martingale (if required)
-    Boots or polos if required
-    Stall bandages
-    Grooming supplies
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